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Farmers advised to use Clean, Natural Organic Humix Soil in GreenHouses

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Boniface Odour, a greenhouse expert at Newscape Agro Systems Ltd demonstrating the use of Humix in a greenhouse at the 2017 Nairobi International Trade Fair. PHOTO/JAPHET RUTO

Smallholder farmers are advised to use humix soil in the development of their plants in the green houses. Boniface Odour, a greenhouse expert at Newscape Agro Systems Ltd says humix cannot be affected by diseases and pests when compared to the normal soil.

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“Humix is a clean premium quality growth medium developed from both organic and inorganic soils” says Boniface. The soil is loaded with macro and micro-nutrients that ensure growthof healthy and clean plants free from bacteria and nematode infections.

Despite the benefits of greenhouse technology, farmers have been facing a variety of challenges, chief among them loss of soil fertility due to failure of crop rotation. Humix soil can solve this problem as it has excellent nutrient release properties as well as high water holding characteristics making it a high – quality growth medium. It helps improve soil aeration, soil drainage and root development for beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.

Seedling devt.JPG

Seedlings development technology using Humix in a greenhouse. PHOTO/JAPHET RUTO

Farmers can also replace greenhouse soil by bringing quality soil from outside. Adopt the technology of growing crops in pots or soilless cultures. The soils when used continuously with same crop will have a buildup of diseases, especially bacterial wilt, bacterial canker, fusarium and verticilium wilts.

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Greenhouse farmers are, therefore, encouraged to treat the soil by sterilisation, solarisation or fumigation using fumigants such as Dazomet, Metam Sodium and Chloroptin. Greenhouses get contaminated by people visiting the structures or by use of infected planting material, water and farm tools. It is advisable to have a food-bath at the entry.

According to Boniface, who was one of the exhibitors at the 2017 Nairobi International Trade Fair, Humix is ideal for high value crops in greenhouses. It can also be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, planter boxes, in pots as well as hanging baskets. The soil can also be poured into pre-dug planting holes for new plants.

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For farmers intending to use humix in their greenhouses, the soil is available in 50 kg, 20 kg and 10 kg packs. It is distributed by Newscape Agro Systems Ltd, Nairobi Kenya. The price is negotiable depending on the farmers’ needs. 

Boniface can be reached on +254 722 768 537.

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