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Farmers embrace Rhodes grass to fight climate change

Farmers across the country are benefitting from unique training on fodder crops that withstands the vagaries of weather at a time when climate change has taken its toll on pasture affordability.

Antony Muriithi the owner of Farm Tech Pastures is selling certified sorghum and Rhodes grass seeds to farmers while teaching them how stalks can be preserved and fed to cows during droughts.

Sorghum is a drought resistant crop which the government is promoting in the fight against food insecurity. Mr Muriithi, a trained agriculture field officer, is contracted by farmers to plant pastures for them.

“If you are using commercial feeds and cannot produce above 15 litres of milk per day then you need to change to pastures,” said Mr Murithi.

Foliage or fodder sorghum is mainly used for grazing but can be turned into silage. The sorghum, when used for silage, has advantages over maize stalks because it be harvested several times in a year.

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