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Fungus that protects crops against soil-borne diseases and improve yields

trianum beneficial fungus

Trianum fungus.

Trianum, a product by Koppert Biological Systems is a beneficial fungus agent that strengthens the roots of numerous crops and by 72 per cent protects them from soil-borne diseases such as Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Sclerotinia.

Soil-borne diseases can cause yield losses of up to 70 per cent besides increasing farmers’ costs on the use of fungicides, according to a study by the University of Nairobi among various farmers in Nandi County in 2013.

However, with trianum a farmer can increase the plants resistance to the soil-borne diseases, meaning they can cut down on use of fungicides.

“The fungus has a unique working mechanism. When applied at the root zones of a plant, the fungus Trichoderma harzianum T-22 (TRIANUM) can help the root systems of many different kinds of plants to perform better,” said Gitonga Maina, Koppert’s agronomist during Meru National Avocado Conference and Exhibition on Friday last week.

“The mycelia of Trichoderma harzianum grow at the same rate as the normal root development thus covering the roots. This mycelial covering forms a physical barrier against attack from pathogens such as Pythium and Fusarium.”

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Trichoderma also absorbs the exudates from the roots; consequently, pathogens are given no chance to develop themselves due to a lack of nutrients. In turn, the exudates of Trichoderma are able to break down the cell walls of pathogens.

A root system that is less subject to attack is better able to develop. It goes without saying that a better developed root system supports the overground growth processes better thanks to the increased uptake of nutrients and greater resistance against water stress.

“Trianum is best for a number of crops such as vegetables, flowers, cereals, pulses, herbs, field crops such as maize and fruit crops,” said Maina.

“In addition, the use of Trianum is of course safe for people, the crop and the environment.”

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A kilogram of the fungus mixed with 400 litres of water is enough for crops in an acre piece of land while 500 grams mixed with 200 litres of water and 270 grams mixed with 120 litres of water can spray a half an acre and a quarter acre respectively.

“Trianum is best for both the crops in nurseries and in the field. A sachet of trianum weighing 45 grams mixed with 15 litres of water can serve three crop nurseries measuring five metres square,” explained Maina.

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The 45 grams sachet goes for Sh450 while 500 grams costs Sh3500 and they can be found in agro-outlets all over the country or through Koppert Biological Systems’ extension offices and sales representatives across the country.

Maina can be contacted on +254 725834712 while Koppert Biological Systems can reached on +254 20 2021918 / 4453780/1/2 Mob: +254 731 202191

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