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Graduate starts mango fruit wine enterprise in Siaya County

Sparrow mango fruit wines

Sparrow mango fruit wine. Photo courtesy.

One jobless Pwani University graduate has started making mango fruit wine a venture which is now earning her Sh1,000 per bottle of wine as compared to Sh60 selling the fruit’s juice alone.

Maurine Achieng’ who holds a degree in Agriculture Enterprise decided to join a group of students who having their internship programme at the Siaya Agricultural Centre, in Siaya town while waiting for a job.

However, when no job seemed to come by, Achieng’ and colleagues started by making mango juice that they could sell to their customers within the institution and in Siaya Town. This was a way to earn some pocket money after graduation.

“As a group, we decided to make mango juice for sale in order to get some money for our personal effects instead of depending on parents or guardians for financial assistance,” said Achieng’. “This where the idea of mango wine came from,” she added.

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The group uses mango peels as the main ingredient. After boiling, they are ferment in jerry cans for a period of three months before decanting the mixture. It is a process can take up to eight months. The wine is therefore packed and branded Sparrow Mango Fruit Wine for sale.

The wine production has since moved to Siaya incubation centre where they get local mango suppliers, transporters, and casual workers.

The creative venture has seen many involved in the value chain earn a leaving.

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