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Herb exporter guarantees market for chilli, ginger, garlic contracted farmers

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By George Munene

Lagran Group Limited is looking for farmers to supply herbs and fruits as well as opening its books to contract chilli, garlic and ginger farmers for the export market.

“We are looking to enlist the first group of outgrower farmers by the end of December and will be running another recruitment phase at the start of March next year,” says Carol Chelegat, Managing Director, Lagran Group.

For its outgrower program, the Kiambu road-based agricultural company offers farmers within the East Africa region (Kenya and Tanzania) a ready market for horticultural crops for the export market. The farmer needs to have at least one acre of land and a reliable source of water. The company is currently seeking out chili, ginger and garlic contract farmers. The farmers will be assigned an agronomist to guide them on the best agronomical practices until their produce matures. Once they are ready to harvest the farmer notifies Lagran, their crop is picked and they are paid 30 days later.

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Additional extension services offered to contract farmers are:

  • Technical Support
  • Ways to market horticulture produce
  • Setting up irrigation systems
  • Produce Value Addition

The company is also currently seeking farmers who can supply:

  • Dried African birds eye chili
  • Fresh red birds eye chilli varieties like demon f1
  • Bullet chili (short)
  • Fresh garlic, grade AAA
  • Fresh ginger and turmeric
  • Passion fruit (purple and yellow)
  • Mountain pawpaw (at least 1.5 kg per fruit)
  • Habanero red and yellow
  • Hass avocado, size 16 to 22

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There is no minimum quantity a farmer can deliver but they will need to provide samples of their produce for testing and have an agronomist visit their farm to ensure their crop meets the required agronomic standards.

Lagran Group: +254728201058/+254706419244

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