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Horticultural farmers double yields with crop energizer

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A new crop energizer and yield booster is proving popular among horticultural farmers who are recording more than doubling of their yields with the supplement being hailed for its ability to assist crops take in as much nutrients from the soil as possible.

When 27 years old John Wamweru Wambugu from Kiamikuyu village in Mwea Division of Kirinyaga County decided to use Boom flower a new generation plant energizer and yield booster on one acre of his six acre farm last year it was with much reluctance.  He did not believe it would bring any difference to his crop and he was only doing it for trial.

However the results were exciting. “The yields doubled, I harvested about 80 crates or 64 kilogrammes of tomatoes compared to an average of 35 crates in previous yields,” he said. The farmer says the results have motivated him to increase the acreage under tomatoes. “This year I have added two more acres. I want to increase the same to 30 acres in the next two seasons.”

And he has big dreams. “To become a large scale tomato farmer with a minimum of 100 acres in three to five years to come,” said the farmer.
Mr. Wambugu sprays the plant nutrient every week from the third to fourth week. This he does after transplanting from the nursery when the plant shows signs of flowering. He continues between 10-11 weeks, stopping at about two weeks to the harvesting. Mr Robert Mwaniki another young farmer from Kangai Location in Kirinyaga County grows tomatoes, kale and spinach.

He has been using Boom Flower since last year. He says the plant nutrient has boosted yields, which means increased returns from his four acre tomato farms some of which he has leased from other farmers. “Before, I used to harvest an average of 35 to 40 crates or 64 kilogrammes of tomatoes on one acre every week. But for the last two seasons, production has increased to an average of 80 crates sometimes reaching 100 kilos in the peak season,” said the farmer.

With the improved harvest, he hopes to increase the acreage to 20, and purchase a truck so that he can be transporting the produce to Nairobi and other markets across the country. “I started with half an acre which I leased from a neighbor with money earned from my casual jobs. I was also using the experience and knowledge that I had gained from working in other people’s farms,” recalled the farmer.

After preparing the land, the tomato seedlings are planted. A week later, fertilizer is applied using top dressing method. Boom Flower, a product of High Chem Essentials Limited is then applied. Mr. Nicholas Mugo HighChem sales representative and agronomists attributes the good results to the use of the supplement and the fact that it is absorbed by the plant immediately hence no leaching or wash off.

“Boom Flower is capable of increasing yields up to two times when applied at all critical growth stages. It is compatible with all foliar fertilizer and insecticides thus reducing application costs and labour. It is non toxic and environmental friendly,” said the agronomist.
It is important to note that Boom Flower is not recommended along with copper fertilizers and insecticides, lime, Bbordeaux mixture and sulphur based chemicals.

It also has zero pre harvesting intervals thus a farmer can still spray and harvest the same day, besides inducing early maturity and harvest, reducing farm costs and giving more crop yields. Boom Flower a nitrogen fertilizer compound is quickly absorbed into plants and influences the bio chemical pathway of the plants to uptake more nutrients from the soil. It also increases the nutrient use efficiency, thus improving vegetative growth.  It also induces profuse flowering and helps in the retention of the flowers and fruits.

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