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How farmer earned Sh100,000 from guinea fowl pets

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A farmer who found money in guinea fowl he was rearing as flower-birds is plunging in full swing into poultry agribusiness after earning more than Sh100,000 in a few months.

Allan Mwangi says many people have been coming-more than four months after exhausting his stock-with more others calling to make orders.

From the 10 guinea fowls he bought in 2014 to rear as beauty birds, he managed to increase them to 64, hence the call to destock.

 “I am so excited by the money I made out of the birds I bought as pets. I sold 44 birds, with a pair selling at Sh5,000. More other customers are going away with money. I have learnt that there is a lot of money hidden in the feathers of these pets,” he say.

In total, he earned Sh110,000.

Mwangi retained 20 guinea fowls, which he intends to use as breeders to raise the stock to 200 or more.

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He has already bought five turkeys, besides kuroiler chickens which he has been breeding. He is also eying ostriches, for which he would need a Kenya Wildlife license similar to that of the fowls.

For one to rear game animals, they must obtain a permit from the KWS.

 “I have done my research well. High end-hotels are salivating for game meat. Since the supply is low, therefore, penetrating this market would be easy. It would give me an extra coin besides my formal employment,” he said

Out of the initial stock he got 12 or 13 eggs per week, although incubation let him down with only seven or eight successful hatching. At the end he had 54 keens in three months.

He sells kuroiler chicks at Sh100.

He can be reached on +254722539335

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