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Indian company introduces air-tight grains storage bags for Kenya farmers


SaveGrain Bag, photo courtesy.

SaveGrain Bags,  part of Panama Group, an Indian firm which provides scientific food grain storage services has introduced in the Kenyan market  grains storage bags which can be used to store food grains, seeds, beans and nuts among others for up to two years without using any harmful chemicals.

SaveGrain Bags are a tightly closed storage facility with modified atmospheric gases and humidity condition different than natural atmosphere gases hence they provide anaerobic storage solution meaning they allow no gas to leak from any opening to enter  the storage material.

The company had designed Hermetic Storage system which could only store 300 tons as they targeted big farms and companies which harvested and stored grains in large quantities but after a research among smallholder farmers in India, a 50 kg bags were made as it was the size farmers were looking for.

“We discussed and worked with different packaging experts and agriculture experts about the challenge faced by the farmers and after almost 1 year of research, trials and tests we developed SaveGrain Bags which is cost effective solution tailor made for the farmers,” said Sachin Gangal, SaveGrain Bags marketing team leader in Kenya.

In addition, SaveGrain Bags can be use by not only framers but also by traders in shops and warehouses to keep even other farm produce.

“Our bags can be used by anyone who wants to store food grains, seeds, beans, nuts, spices and herbs, flours at farm or at shop, home or Warehouse,” said Gangal.

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According to Gangal, SaveGrain Bags protects the product from infestation organically without using any harmful chemicals.

SaveGrain Bags marketing team is currently in Machakos trying to reach farmers who have been harvesting their green grams, beans and soya among other grains which need proper sorage as the farmers aim for a better market.

“We have realized that farmers want to hold their produce and sell when the price is good for them but because of lack of modern storage facilities they are forced to sell the produce immediately after harvesting when the prices are low which results in financial losses to the farmer,” said Gangal.


Currently the average maize price across the major towns and cities in Kenya is Sh2855 while the average price in the same urban areas for finger millet, green grams and sorghum are Sh7956, Sh8467 Sh4386 respectively, according to SOKO+, an online market place for farmers.

Therefore SaveGrain Bags come in handy to help the farmers save their grains for future and better prices as they are rest assured of no quality and quantity loss, preserved aroma, maintained grains original moisture content and maintained high germination rate for the seeds.


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