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Kakuzi enters Kenya’s cooking oil market as part of rebranding effort

Kakuzi Managing Director, Chris Flowers, board chairman, Nicholas Nganga, and State Department for Crop Development PS Harsama Kello examine the new products Kakuzi will be introducing into the market. (Courtesy: Kakuzi)

Agribusiness firm Kakuzi Plc has formally adopted a new corporate identity that underscores its commitments to agricultural development for the domestic and export markets.

As part of its new branding programme, Kakuzi is set to introduce competitively priced Macadamia Cooking oil in the local market. 

While noting that Kakuzi is set to unveil a range of Macadamia Cold pressed cooking oil products, State Department for Crop Development Principal Secretary Mr. Phillip Kello Harsama said the government is sparing no effort to advance the National Edible Oil Crops Promotion Project. “This development offers a route to double up the consumption of macadamia nuts locally through value addition in the face of the current global glut,” the PS noted.

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This is a significant milestone that complements the government’s National Edible Oil Crops Project and provides an avenue to diversify the pool of edible oils-producing crops beyond Sunflower, Canola, and Soybeans to include Macadamia.

The firm has also recently commissioned a Macadamia Oil Extraction Plant to meet the growing demand for value-added products within its superfood portfolio. Domestic sales of value-added macadamia products will also help mitigate challenges in the international arena due to a prevailing macadamia glut in the global market.

The company also officially launched a range of other private-label consumer products developed over the last two years for the domestic market, including ready-to-eat macadamia, gluten-free macadamia flour, cold-pressed macadamia oil, and blueberry packs. Following an intensive research and development (R&D) programme by the Kakuzi team, the new branded consumer products will be progressively availed to the local market.

Speaking at the brand launch ceremony, Kakuzi Plc Chairman Mr. Nick Ng’ang’a described the new identity as a growth driver for the firm that currently holds Shs 7.1 billion net current assets.

Kakuzi, he explained, will focus on sharing its expertise and quality standards with local and international consumers.

“Over the last 95 years, Kakuzi has grown from a sisal grower, citrus, passion, and pineapple fruits grower to a superfoods producer and exporter of repute. We have over that period gained immense experience in all our stakeholder engagements and can now aim to unlock value with a distinct corporate identity that underlines our commitment to growing together with all our stakeholders,” said Mr. Ng’ang’a.

Attesting to the firm’s growth trajectory, Kakuzi, Mr. Ng’ang’a said it had significantly expanded its avocado and macadamia orchards to meet growing demand. The firm, he disclosed, is on course to convert all its former pineapple-growing fields to avocado orchards by 2026.

Kakuzi’s management team, Kakuzi MD Mr. Chris Flowers confirmed, is actively working to unlock further value by delivering domestic market products. The firm’s introduction of the Kakuzi branded range of ready-to-eat macadamia products for the domestic market, he said, is a vital part of this transformation. “The products are expanding as we strive to provide nutritious, healthy, and affordable food responsibly grown in Kenya,” he said.

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As part of a shareholder returns enhancement strategy, Kakuzi Plc is gearing up to make its pioneer property development investment in the retail sector as it develops Kakuzi Farmers Market. The retail enterprise, located opposite the firm’s headquarters on the Nairobi-Nyeri highway, will allow Kakuzi to sell its recently introduced range of value-added products and provide a decent place for up-country travelers to stop and refresh.

Kakuzi is also in the final stages of a commercial appraisal process for a full-scale Blueberries production venture at a Ksh 4 Billion estimated cost.

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