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Kenya to host the Fourth National Green Growth Conference and Exhibition

National Green Growth Conference and Exhibition

Kenya is set to host a two-day event to promote sustainable development which will give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the goal of promoting a greener country under a theme, “Key Sectorial opportunities in Kenya’s green growth strategy.”

The event which is slated for 12th and 13th July 2018 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Nairobi will bring together stakeholders at a forum that seeks to share knowledge and explore avenues to synergize efforts.

The forum draws its relevance in addressing challenges in Green Growth and sharing experiences and opportunities of the same at a lower level to reach the grass root players.

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National Green Growth Conference and Exhibition event is organised by Micro-Enterprises Support Programme (MESPT) and other proactive organisations in the private and public sector in Kenya that champion sustainable development.

An event of such kind was first organised by MESPT in 2014. The theme was “Unlocking Green Growth in Kenya”. The aim was to create awareness on green growth initiatives, with a focus on the roles of smart investments and Public private partnerships. This forum revealed enormous potential and avenues for both the private and public sector to partner and adopt green growth initiatives in different sectors.

The event is linked to the recently launched national Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP) 2016-2030.

In addition, the conference gives participants the opportunity to share knowledge and to network as it attracts actors and decision makers in the sectors of energy, agriculture, waste management, water resource management, green financing and academia sectors, among others.

Green growth presents a new approach to a sustainable economic development because it puts human well-being at the centre of economic development while promoting wise use of natural resources.

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People who have excelled in promoting green growth will also be recognised for their efforts.

It will also be a chance for creating business opportunities by players and chance for climate change discussions on three key building blocks to be guided by experts speakers and high level panelists discussing trends and impacts of climate change at global and local level, green economy in the context of sustainable production and consumption, Kenya’s green growth policies, strategies and commitments, key green growth financing opportunities in the country, among other topics.

There will then be three breakout sessions focusing on three discussions on the role of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the stimulation and implementation of green growth development agenda in agriculture, energy, transport and manufacturing.

Finally, the exhibition block will be showcasing green technologies available locally and how far Kenya has fared in promoting green growth.

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Attendance Packages

Conference Attendance Fee (1½ Days)

Corporate (4 Pax)             Individual                      Student

Ksh. 15,000                      Ksh. 3,000                    Ksh. 1,000

NB: The participation fee caters for 10 o’clock tea & snacks, lunch, water, 4 0’clock tea & Snacks and one Gala Cocktail. Delegates to cater for their own transport and accommodation costs

Exhibition Stand Fees (1½ Days)

Corporate                                Individual                      Students

 Ksh. 50,000                            Ksh. 12,000                   Ksh. 5,000

NB: The participation fee caters for 10 o’clock tea & snacks, lunch, water, 4 o’clock tea & Snacks and one Gala Cocktail. Fees also caters for conference attendance and standard décor

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