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Kinango residents at a good place even after marauding rains

The El Nino rains have caused havoc in most parts of the country, but the people of Kinango are thanking the skies because of the water security they have brought them. 


After a few weeks of heavy rainfall, 750,000m3 of water is now sitting in a dam that was built through a KSh208m partnership between the Kenya Red Cross and the County Governement of Kwale, with the water in it being enough to serve the community for two seasons.

Using the water for irrigation promises a reduction in food insecurity to the usually-drought stricken communities of Kinango Sub- County.

In addition, the project has increased access to safe water supply and sanitation facilities for over 10,000 beneficiaries.

As of Wednesday November 1, 2015 residents were out fishing in the dam, with others busy tending to the 105 acres of farmlands already under drip irrigation.

14.6 tonnes of spinach, 693 Kgs of butternut and 20.7 tonnes of watermelon have been harvested so far and sold at various markets within Ukunda and Mombasa. 10 tonnes of butternut are also in storage awaiting marketing.  


Over the last 10 years, the Kenya Red Cross has shifted focus to food security projects in various communities around the country to improve availability, access and utilization of food.The organisation is currently implementing integrated food security and livelihood projects which focus on empowering local residents and farmers.

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