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Kisii company selling backpack portable weeding machine

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Backpack portable weeding machine.

Karuworks Machinery Company, a Kisii County company which imports and assembles farm equipment and machineries is selling a complete set of portable and simple to operate weeding machine that can also be used for cutting grass, cultivation and planting by smallholder farmers.

The machine can be used by four separate working heads including; tiller, slasher, weeder and planter, which are used interchangeably with the single operating system or the main machine.

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The parts of the machine are imported from Germany, assembled in Kenya and sold to farmers as a complete set.

“These parts work differently and perform different tasks at different times. For example the tiller has long blades that goes deep into the soil and this makes it unfit for weeding because it can destroy the roots of plants. Weeding is done with short edged tools such as the weeder,” said Hykarus Ondimu Mogusu, the company’s technician and head of marketing department.

The main machine has a small petrol engine weighing five kilograms carried at the back when in use, it also a conduit, a switch,a handle bar an aluminum alloy and a working head.

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“This machine is very safe if the farmers follow operation instructions well. We offer warranties and trainings on how to use the machine for free to our customers and repair at a discounted price,” said Mogusu.

The petrol engine which can use two and a half litres of fuel per acre is carried at the back during use by the operator. Between the back of the operator and the engine is a thick mattress of two inches that is capable of absorbing the vibration of the generator that may affect the operator.

The aluminum alloy has a guard between the handle and the working head which shields the operator from the rolling soil particles that may cause any physical injuries.

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“We sell all the parts and the main machine as one complete set to farmers at Sh170, 000 although this price is negotiable depending on transport deliveryand the number of items a customer can buy from our company,” said Mogusu.

“The company has spare parts for machines and equipment just in any case of damaged part and the need for replacement.”

For more information contact Mongusu on +254 720 698262.


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