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Medicinal Juice from trees can treat over 300 diseases

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Thomas Kioko, a medicnal herbal doctor at the 2017 Central Kenya National Show in Nyeri (Pic: Japhet Ruto)

Thomas Kioko, a medicinal herbal doctor from Ruring’u, Nyeri County has innovated a medicinal juice making machine that is used to make herbal products using innovative mechanical techniques.

The medicinal juice is made from tree roots, stems, branches, barks, leaves and seeds and can be used to treat over 300 lifestyle diseases that are a becoming a thorn in the flesh of the modern population in Kenya and beyond.

Kioko says that after a careful research process, he found that each and every part of a tree has chemical substances which when processed creates herbal medicine. The juice is mostly made from indigenous trees of various species.

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After harvesting trees, the specific part like a bark is dried using green energy i.e. the sun until is completely dry, the dried parts are then chopped using a medicinal plant chopping machine and put in a shredding machine whose grinding parts & teeth grounds the parts into powder. The powder is used to make syrup, tablets and capsules.


Some of the diseases that herbal medicinal juice can treat in humans according to Kioko

“We are in the process of finding out how herbal products can be used in crop protection in agriculture” said Kioko who is an herbal doctor at Ruring’u school of alternative medicine and technology.

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Kioko who was one of the exhibitors at the 2017 Nyeri National show notes that their medicine has been analyzed by the Kenya Medical Research Institute and found fit for the management of various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, sickle cell anaemia, skin diseases, asthma and rabies in dogs.

herbal 2.JPG

Some of the diseases herbal medicine can treat in poultry cattle and goats 

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The World Health Organization reports that 30 per cent of Kenyans are now suffering from premature deaths due to physical inactivity and unhealthy diets. According to the survey in the last 10 years, lifestyle diseases have killed more than 100,000 Kenyans aged between 30 and 70 years each year.

Kioko sells the medicine in several packages with the smaller for 250g going for Ksh. 250.

He can be reached on +254729517819 or +254722442501.



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