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Middle East market craves for more Kenyan mangoes

Mangos From Kenya contracts farmers through organisations and and associations. The company, however, deals with big orchard owners individually.

It also trains them on the kind of fruits they need to grow and how to get the best quality to meet the international standards.

The sessions also educate farmers on field handling, environmental friendly practices of controlling pests and diseases as well as cheap technology cooling systems like charcoal chambers.

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Increased export

They have collection centres in mango producing regions. But those not covered make personal arrangements of delivery. 

Kenya’s mango export in 2015/2016 rose by 27 per cent. And Mangos From Kenya reported a 30 per cent rise during the same period.

Peak production season of mangoes in Kenya is between November and April. But the company still meets needs of clients who do not require large amounts by buying from trickling suppliers.

For more information, farmers can contact Mangos From Kenya on  +254 20 -805 6102 or +254735 194 086.

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