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Mint used to organically control fleas, mosquitoes

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Mint, the herb that is popularly known as a garnish for meat and alcoholic drinks, can variously be used in animal and plant pest control.

The plant has for several years now been used in controlling white flies in flower farms.

In practice

A number of mint plants positioned in various spots around flower greenhouses, release a scent that attracts the flies to them, at which point they are sprayed with pesticides.

“Dr. Antony Wairimu, a veterinarian and crop management specialist, who describes this as a push-pull approach, says that the strategy helps reduce the usage of pesticides on the flowers.

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“This system can be used on other crops like beans and tomatoes, which are susceptible to white flies. It makes for cost-effectiveness because pesticides are only used at several points as opposed to spraying whole farms,” said Dr. Wairimu.

The crop also attracts aphids and spider mites.

Animal pests

Strangely, mint repels mosquitoes, mites, and fleas and can, therefore, be used in controlling these pests in animals and in human living spaces.

Planting a few plants next to your house, the plant will help keep mosquitoes away, and rubbing it on animal fur, helps control mites and fleas.

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