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Mixed Meru farmer scoops Farmbiz’s Sh10,000 prize draw

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Makena Gucci is the lucky winner of our Sh10,000 farmer prize draw. The mixed farmer from Meru County was among the 171 participants in our quantitative research on the pest burden on Kenyan farmers and their access to pesticides

“With the winnings, I purchased 70 kilogram bags of Fugo dairy meal and growers mash, as well as 50 kilograms of Yara MiCROP+ fertiliser for application on my budding orchard,” she beamed.

The agri inputs gotten from KK Agrovet in Mikinduri will ensure her two dairy cows and 80 poultry birds are well-fed for the next couple of weeks at least. “I now don’t have the stresses of sourcing for cattle feed for the next month. My 60 chicken and 20 ducks will also eat healthily for two weeks at least.”

On her four acres at Mikinduri, Meru, Makena grows cereals such as maize, beans, green grams, groundnuts, irrigated vegetables, and fruits (papaya, strawberry guavas, bananas, avocados, and mangoes).  

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