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Mobile application that can monitor fish pond condition launched app
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Upande Limited, a Nairobi based technology company has launched mobile application that can be used to monitor fish pond condition, collects data and relay the information to the farmer in real time which is a relief to farmers they can control their fish ponds anytime anywhere.

The app which is free for downloads by users is now undergoing a pilot programme and has about five optional sensors; oxygen, nitrite and PH sensors which are integrated with the app. They collect data about the condition within the fish pond, transmit it to the app before it is relayed to the farmer.

“This app turns fish ponds into smart ponds that are connected to sensors and special cameras that relay information to farmers in real time on how the fish are doing. Through the sensors, a farmer gets data on the water temperature and if it is too cold or warm and adjust accordingly,” said Simon Ndarao, Upande Limited data scientist.

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Farmers are at liberty to choose which channel to receive alerts about the condition of their ponds by the app either through Short Message Service (SMS) or any online services which happens immediately upon request or danger detection.

In addition the app helps in record keeping on farm efficiency, monitoring, sampling and fish growth analysis to be able to inform the farmer on what to do at which stage of fish growth analysis further showing a farmer how the business is faring.

“The app can do wonders. Once it is installed, a farmer can monitor the growth curve, whether they are making profits or losses. It makes record keeping easy,” said Ndarao.

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Samaki Express E.A Ltd

Elsewhere Samaki Express E.A Ltd, a company that provides expertise inputs for developing aquaculture has availed formulated fish feeds suitable for all fish species that can relieve a farmer from the headache of mixing different feeds according to the recommended ratio.

According to Food and Agricultural Organization specifications on standards of fish feeds, a practical fish diet should include a good level of crude protein, digestible energy, specific amino acids, crude fibre and ash.

“For 15 years now we have been importing 26 tonnes of the feeds every month from Israel where they are manufactured by Raanan Fish Feed Ltd and we have seen its good results from the farmers who are our regular customer,” said Lilian Simiyu, regional sales representative, central Kenya.

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The company is currently serving over 300 farmers just from Kiambu County alone who benefit from among other things fish feeds, fishing inputs, fish pond water tasting equipment and free training for loyal customers.

“We promote our regular customers with free trainings but for one-off customers who require trainings, we provide them at a cost of Sh500 per person for a period of three hours.”

The company sells fingerlings feeds at Sh300 per kilo, catfish pellets sells at Sh170 a kilo while tilapia pellets is sold at Sh150 per kilogram.

Upande Ltd can be reached on +254 713234798 or [email protected]  while Lilian of Samaki Express EA Ltd can be contacted on +254 720883268 or +254 704944034 or [email protected]

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