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Nakuru enters farming MoU with China

The Nakuru County Government has entered into a memorandum of understanding with several Chinese states, among them Henan Province and Beijing Xidan, for support in various agricultural projects.

 “We want to increase food production in our county, so that we have to feed our people and surplus to sell to the rest of the country and even export,” Dr. Stanley Chepkwony, the county’s executive member for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries said.

New projects

Henan Province and Beijing Xidan plan to establish value addition companies in Nakuru to process the irish potatoes and fish, promoting the incomes of the more than 800,000 farmers in the county.

“We are keen on value addition because this makes our farmers’ products even more valuable and such partnerships are always welcome,” said Chepkwony.

Lake Naivasha, which is in Nakuru county, produces more than 335 metric tonnes of fish annually.  

Among the technologies and knowledge that Chepkwony and his office are targeting is one that will enable farmers in Nakuru cultivate rice, further diversifying their production.

Poor farmers

More than 80 per cent of Nakuru residents are directly involved in farming, with rural poverty in the county, standing at 45 per cent. Chepkwony believes that increased food production could decrease the poverty rate.

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