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New tomato variety resists nematodes

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Amiran Kenya has introduced a nematode resistant tomato variety dubbed Shanty Improved F1 in the market, which yields 25-30 tonnes per acre and has more shelf life when ripe and matures in less than 75 days
This variety enters the market when tomato farmers in the country are registering low yields due to devastating effects of nematodes which cause distinctive galls on the roots, reducing roots capacity to supply the vine with water and nutrients, leading to stunted growth, yellowing or wilting. A recent study by the University of Nairobi dubbed management of root knot nematodes in tomatoes shows that the disease affect at least 40 per cent of tomato yield in the country every year.
Advantages of this variety over other
A part from being resistant to this root disease, the Shanty Improved F1 variety recently launched in the market has a high yielding capacity and do well both in open field. While other tomato varieties take up to 90 days to mature, the Shanty F1 improved variety takes 15 days less. Furthermore, where as other varieties like the money maker get destroyed after 3-4 days of ripening, the Shanty F1 improved variety has a shelf life of 14day due to its tough skin. Its durability make it market friendly both to farmers and consumers.
Seeds are planted in a nursery where they germinate after 5-7 day before being transplanted 21 days later. At least 50g of seeds are needed for an acre piece of land. At Amiran Kenya, seeds are packed in 4g sachets containing up to 1000 seeds and retails for KSh3016, this according to the company’s Seeds Agronomist Micheal Wambua.  
The variety performs best in slightly acidic soils of PH value of 6.5 and areas with moderate rainfall pattern. At least 8000 seedlings are required in an acre farm spaced at an interval of 45 by 60cm. Since this variety is genetically designed with nitrogen and disease resistance characteristics, farmers require less fertilizer and less pesticide control effort, hence cost effective.
A part from nematodes, the variety is highly resistant to other tomato diseases including the tomato spotted wilt virus and tomato yellow leaf curl virus.
Where to get the seeds 
The company has several distributors across the country including Blue n Spot in Murang’a, Barma agrovet, Thika farmers and Agrisel in Thika. Others are Apex, Farm Choice and Wefa in Kisumu while Trans Nzoia has Itete trading company, Gtex Masop agrovet,Mosop agrovet and Pavef.

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