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Ngara company selling double barrel planter, 5X faster than traditional planting methods

jab planter automatic

By George Munene

A Ngara company is offering country-wide delivery of double-barreled seed and fertilizer planters that enable quicker, cheaper and easier standing planting. A jab planter can sow 8000-10 000 sq m per day–an efficiency rate that is four to five times faster than conventional planting methods. 

The planter can be used for both seeding and applying fertilizer concurrently and is available for Sh4500.

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Double barrel jab seed planters have an adjustable planting depth and seed quantity that is adjustable and can be used to sow large plots quickly and easily. This lessens seasonal planting hustle for farmers as well as reducing their planting cost as less time is spent on seeding and fertiliser application.

Jab planter

The tool needs planting soils to be loose and cultivated, it is especially effective in sandy soils and is best suitable for seeds such as maize, beans and peas. It can also be used to disperse selective fertilizers together. 

The planter has spring-loaded tips that are pushed for seeds and fertilizer to be deposited automatically into loose soil. 

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It is not meant for small seeds and may be uneconomical for farmers looking to sow smaller plots of land. It takes a basic level of mechanical ability to adjust the planter.

Hand planters are especially popular on farms in Asia.


For more information and inquiries: 0702584146 

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