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Nigerian firm launches smart technology to help smallholders access vital information on farming

zenvusNigerian smart technology on farming

Zenvus, a Nigerian precision farming company launched an advanced sensory technology to enable smallholder farmers in the country access soil data in real-time to better manage their crop growth and access financing relieving them from trial and error cases which could lead to serious losses.

“This technology uses electronic sensors with in-built GPS, which are placed in the soil to measure pH, nutrient content, moisture level and temperature hence helping to take the guesswork out of farming,” said Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, founder of Zenvus.

It therefore, offers tailored advice to farmers on what, when and how to plant using the data collected from different farms, aggregated and analysed according to location by the help of a ‘SmartFarm’ web and mobile app.

“Using this data, farmers are able, for example, to apply the correct fertiliser and optimally irrigate their farms, leading to enhanced farm operations, reduced input waste, and improved productivity,” said Ekekwe

“This we believe, will have a tangible effect on poverty not only in Nigeria but also in Africa because most households and families are going to see higher incomes.”

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Using Zenvus Yield, a hyper-spectral imaging camera that monitors farm vegetation to detect potential problems, including crop disease, pests, and drought smallholders can take photos of their crops and send them through the SmartFarm app to receive advice.

Financial service providers can also access the farm data collected, if previously agreed with the farmers to help with decisions regarding the provision of insurance, loans and or investment.

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Zenvus  ZInsure enables farmers to apply for insurance by uploading data about their farm, which is also independently verified by the company.

“Not only do insurers benefit from access to standardised, verifiable information, but farmers are also able to access customised insurance, which helps reduce premiums,” said Ekekwe.

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Since its launched, Zenvus services corporates, and have supplied to 500,000 farming entities and it is currently in a partnership with the government of Cross River State in Nigeria, as well as Abia State.

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