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Online marketplace offers farmers and buyers better prices


An onion seller at Nairobi’s Wakulima Market (Markiti). FarmSoko is offering an online one-on-one link between farmers and sellers. PHOTO BUSINESS DAILY.

Farmers, who want to dispose of farm implements which they do not need, can do so via an online site, FarmSoko.

Besides used implements, innovators with agribusiness items as well as other farm products can do so through the free interaction portal.

FarmSoko manager Richard Mwangi said the free linking of farmers with potential buyers helps in solving market challenges.

Sellers post a photograph and a brief description of their product. The site allows for the buyer to pick on a given product before sending a direct message to the buyer. Contacts are exchanged for details.

The items include tractors, jembes, beehives, milking machines, incubators, organic fertilisers, fruits, grains, seeds, seedlings, heifers, goats and many others.

“Middlemen, at times, take more money from a product that the farmer. That not only leads to loses but also exploitation. Through this platform, farmers decide how much they want to earn from a given item without the influence o the third party,” he said.

Sellers also may enjoy low prices because the link has been shortened.

It gets even better when the supplier and the buyer are from the same locality because no transport costs are incurred, therefore, the prices are lower.

Hundreds of farmers meet in this online market place every day and tens of transactions take place too, he said.

“So far the reception is good and I am happy that buyers are getting the chance to see a photo for evaluation of what they want forehand. They know what to expect. They also discuss and decide on their own on how to exchange money and the delivery of the goods,” Mwangi said.

Unlike most selling sites that require one to pay a given amount to for their product to be featured among the top items and for a given period every farmer has equal chances at

Mwangi can be reached on +254713669720.



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