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Queen F1 Cabbage Variety can earn Farmers Ksh. 167,500 in 85 days

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Queen F1 is widely adaptable to cool and warm climatic zones (PIC: Japhet Ruto)

Smallholder farmers can earn up to Ksh. 167,500 in 85 days by growing Queen F1 high yielding cabbage variety. With good agronomic practices Queen F1 variety can yield 30 tons per acre. This variety is therefore the most ideal type of vegetable for a farmer who wants to make money over short period of time with little production costs.

According to Simlaw Seeds Company which has over time released several hybrid cabbage seeds in the market, the variety can easily out compete others varieties in specific market segments due to its superior and reliable qualities.

Queen F1 is widely adaptable to cool and warm climatic zones. It is also highly tolerant to black rot disease and bursting. Upon maturity, a single cabbage can weigh about 5 kg.

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Seed requirement

About 200g of the seed is required to plant on one acre piece of land. Farmers can obtain the seeds from certified agro vets within their area of jurisdiction. The Seedling can be raised on nursery bed or seed trays for about four weeks before being transplanted to the field. Before transplanting, seedling should be hardened off to prepare them to cope with field conditions.

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Recommended spacing for this variety is 60cm by 60cm. In this stage to ward off attacks by soil and sucking pests, the plant should be drenched in Actara pesticide.

Growth requirements

 Cabbage is a cool season crop which requires an optimum growth temperatures range of 15- 20° C. It requires adequate well distributed rainfall. Moisture levels are especially critical during the early stage of the crop growth. If the levels are low, irrigation should be used to supplement and relive the moisture stress.

80kg of fertilizer is recommended per acre but farmers intending to use farmyard manure need up to 5 tons per ha.

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Pests and diseases

This type of cabbage is susceptible to attack by aphids which can be controlled by using karate pesticide or duduthrin. For diamondback moth pest, use delfin. It is also vital to practice crop rotation sanitation practices.

For more information contact:

Kariuki Thomas, Simlaw Seeds Marketing Officer

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