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Seed-coating organic fertiliser increases germination rates, upping yield 30%

On average, 76 per cent of market-bought seeds planted by Kenyan farmers germinate. Well below the acceptable 100-85 per cent maize germination percentage. This is a big financial blow to farmers and a hindrance to the country achieving food security. 

Seed-coating technologies such as Gro-plus from real IPM are helping reverse this by enabling farmers to increase seed germination rates and seedling strength even under extreme farming conditions.

“It acts as an organic starter fertiliser giving seeds an early boost, promoting vigorous root growth and strong crop establishment. This bridges the seed germination gap and has been shown to increase maize yields by 30 per cent,” explained David Irungu– an agronomist at Real IPM Kenya.

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The seed-priming fertiliser can be used for farm-saved local and hybrid cereal, legume, and vegetable seeds. It is compatible with synthetic fertilizers which can be applied normally during the crop’s life.

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How to use

  1. Put the seeds in a bucket
  2. Add a little water, just enough to make the seeds moist.
  3. Sprinkle Gro-plus powder at an application rate of two kilograms of seeds with 50 grams of Gro-plus.
  4. Mix the powder with the seeds, making sure that every seed is covered and sticky.
  5. Spread the seeds thinly so that they are not on top of each other and let them dry completely until they have a powdery coating.
  6. Water the soil well then sow the seeds as normal.

David Irungu, Real IPM Kenya: 079337020

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