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Seedlings nursery urgently buying garlic onions from all-comers

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Speedling Nurseries, an Athi River based seed producer is urgently looking for farmers to supply them with at least two to five tonnes of garlic onions per month.

“This week for instance we are urgently looking for 100kg of the produce but this may go up depending on orders we get,” said Peter Muema, the Operations Manager at the farm.

Any farmer/person interested in supplying garlic onions to Speedling Nurseries can contact them on +254 723 652 280 and inform them of the quantity they have.

“After this, you then send an invoice to us indicating the price and amount to be supplied, if less than 100kg we pay via M-PESA but more than that can pay using cheque or whatever means the supplier wants,” he said.

“Since we are based in Athi River, we normally use Fargo Courier for delivery services and interested suppliers can drop their produce there,”

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At the moment the nursery buys grade three garlic onions at Sh200 to Sh250 and grade one at Sh400 but this varies based on market demands. They however prefer grade three (small poor quality onions) as they are best in raising good quality seeds due to more cloves (segments).

The farm uses the garlic onions to produce seeds for planting after breaking the dormancy.

“The challenge we realized after conducting trials and research is that farmers who plant garlic in their farms had a germination percentage rate of between 50 to 60 per cent and that’s way we decided to help them reduce losses after buying the seeds by breaking dormancy,” said Muema.


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