Separate caging avoids unwanted pregnancies in rabbits


A Kiambu County rabbit breeder has managed to produce healthy does and stopped double pregnancies per month by separating males from the females.

Separating the does from bucks is done by ensuring each occupying a separate cage and they only meet during mating.

For successful mating, the female is taken into the cage of the male. If the male is taken to the female’s cage, it gets disoriented, and frightened, therefore, inhibiting its performance.

Rabbits have a gestation period of 28-31 days. But it is possible for a doe to be pregnant twice a month, a process that gives few and poor healthy litters.

Rabbits do not have a specific fertile period. Their ovulation is induced by the mere presence of the buck. That means fertility hormones can be triggered for ovulation a few minutes after giving birth. 

If the doe gave birth after 28 days, it can, therefore, be impregnated the same day or before the end of the 31 days.

James Mwangi of Rabbit Millionaire Project said female rabbits for breeding must have a break of up to 60 days to recover before being served.  The mother could have recovered well from the previous delivery setting the stage for healthy offsprings.

“Well fed does give birth to eight to 14 litters. Subjecting the same mother to giving birth before recovery reduces the number besides increasing changes of deformities or malnourished young ones,” he said.

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A healthy bunny for breeding matures in four months.  At that age, it weighs about two kilos. It can also be sold for meat.

Besides, litters born within a month after other ones have less chances of survival and the number is likely to be very low. Mwangi says because of the immunity of the mother has not stabilised, the litters are also likely to have mineral deficiency.

An ideal cage should be 2.5squire feet at the base and 2feet in height.

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