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Sh3M grant open to Kenyan SMEs practicing agri-recycling

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By George Munene

The O-Farms Accelerator Program is seeking applications from circular Kenyan agribusinesses with two selected SMEs receiving up to Sh3M in implementation funding. 

The African SME accelerator is focused on funding the next generation of innovative circular agribusinesses in Kenya and Uganda.

A circular agribusiness uses either food losses (avoidable waste from agro-processing, e.g. Rejected tomatoes, spoilt milk, rejected bananas) and/or by-products (unavoidable waste from agri-processing e.g. rice husks, orange leftover peels,e.t.c) to produce new agri-food products.

O-Farms will build innovation support infrastructure that enables these circular agribusinesses to grow and develop.

Agri-circulation creates a more sustainable food system that drives innovation through developing innovative business models that reduce agricultural losses thereby creating new economic opportunities and jobs in the region. 

In this regard, Kenya is able to sustainably feed its growing population, without depleting natural resources. 

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In Kenya, the O-Farm’s Accelerator is funded by Ikea Foundation and implemented by E4Impact Accelerator in Nairobi- Kenya.

The program aims to support the agribusinesses to refine their innovations, strengthen their business models, access financing opportunities and create a founding community advocating for better adoption of a circular economy and supportive policies & legislation.

Program Benefits

  • Customised training program on agri-circularity business
  • Technical Assistance to embed circularity principles in the business model including strengthening the systems and processes.
  • Coaching and Mentorship – personalised and group coaching to unpack training into business implementation
  • Links to financial and investment opportunities
  • Networking and peer learning to strengthen innovations and build a community of best practices in agri-circularity.
  • 2 peer-selected SMEs will receive milestone-based grant funding of up to Euro 25,000 to implement identified milestones. 
  • Networking opportunities to showcase your solution and meet with investors and other stakeholders.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Have an innovative business that uses food losses (e.g. Rejected tomatoes) or by-products (e.g. Rice husks).
  • To make and sell new agrifood products, such as:
  • Human food (e.g. turning rejected tomatoes into ketchup).
  • Animal feed (e.g. using orange peels).
  • Biodegradable packaging materials for the food industry (e.g. using Pineapple crowns).
  • Compost/organic fertilisers (e.g. using rice husks).
  • Bio-energy for agri-processing (e.g. using agri-processing waste).
  • Be a growth stage enterprise with an existing customer base (post-revenue) that’s buying your agri-circular products.
  • Be a Kenyan registered enterprise with at least one of the founder/co-owner being Kenyan.

To apply: ACCELERATOR 2.0

Application deadline: 30th Sep 2022

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