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Strawberry farmer targets to earn Sh40, 000 per week during this year’s festive season



Strawberry plant with mature fruits. The fruits are very important components in food processing companies.

A strawberry farmer from Sigona, Kimabu County is targeting to earn Sh40, 000 a week during this festive season from selling the Chandler variety from his half an acre farm.

Amos Ndung’u who planted the Chandler variety of strawberries end of September this year is expecting to start harvesting them this month as they mature within 60 to 75 days after planting.

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“I am expecting to harvest over 480kg of strawberry fruits starting mid this month. I am targeting food processing companies with the fruits and decorating companies with the leaves,” said Ndung’u.

“Last December I harvested between 30kg and 50kg per week selling a kilo of the fruits at Sh200 each. This could earn me approximately Sh40, 000 a week.”

He started growing the crops in an eighth of an acre last year but when the first crops did well in both the farm and in the market, he decided to increase the acreage for more production and income.

 “I planted over 12,000 seedlings this time up from 3,000 seedlings from last year, which I hope will give me more yields.”

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Ndung’u sells a single branch of strawberry plant at Sh1.50 each and bundles of tied 100 such branches at Sh150 each. In a week, flower and decoration companies can order about 40,000 bundles which is equivalent to Sh600, 000.

“With so many party events such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas and Happy New Year celebrations coming along this festive season, I hope there will be enough market where I can make sales,” said Ndung’u.

Sigona, which is approximately 25km from Nairobi, allows him to also seek markets in high end hotels, hospitals, supermarket chains, green grocers and food processors in the city. Currently, 250gms of strawberry fruits cost between Sh50 to Sh120 while a kilo goes for between Sh200 to Sh480.

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“Strawberry leaves are important components of parties and bouquets due to their shape and smell they can sell well even to the hospitals,” said Ndung’u.

Strawberry farming, does not require a large farm in order to flourish and does well in most parts of the country such as Machakos, Kiambu, Nakuru, Naivasha and Kilifi among others where there are potential markets.



 strawberry leaves.jpg

 Strawberry leaves. They can be used in decorations.




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