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Thika company urgently looking for rabbits to meet rising meat demand


A Kiambu County based firm is looking for more than 1,000 rabbits per week from farmers to meet its growing demand from the suppliers as festive season meat orders starts gaining momentum.

Supermarkets and other small meat outlets have placed orders at the Thika-based company, Rabbak, to deliver meat and life rabbits.

The firm, which also slaughters the rabbits, has never met the orders, one of the directors, Godfrey Njoroge said.

Rabbak is buying the rabbits at Sh400 per kilo. For one to deliver the rabbits to Rabbak, they must be at least three kilogrammes.

“Rabbak has orders; there are no rabbits to deliver. It does not matter the breed of the rabbit. A farmer delivers rabbits, which are in good health for weighing before immediate payment. This ensures that the farmers get the money and use it in buying more inputs for production,” Njoroge said during a livestock event in Thika town.

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Rabbit meat is becoming popular because of being lean. Apart from deep frying, it is roasted in addition to making of sausages in hotels, and other eateries besides supermarkets.

Nakumatt is one of the biggest consumers of the rabbit in form of sausages.

The retail outlet placed an order of 100 rabbits per week, but Rabbak has never met he number. High-end hotels in Nairobi have placed orders exceeding 1,000 rabbits per week.

The farmer is required to deliver a live rabbit to the Thika offices.

Rabbit farming, which was perceived as a ‘lad’s hobby in the traditional set up is quickly rising to be an agribusiness opportunity.

Apart from the meat, other farmers are tapping and selling urine as a folia fertiliser and biopesticide. Half a litre of the urine fetches more than Sh500.

For those with good markets in places like Mombasa, one kilo of the rabbit earns them between Sh700 and Sh1,000 upon delivery.

Njoroge can be contacted on +254721707540

Or Waiganjo on +254721219092

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