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This powder prevents contaminated water from seeping out of pit latrines

South African company, Amka Organico is out in Nairobi marketing a new product that has been confirmed to reduce pit latrine and septic tank sludge and keep odors away.

Super Septic is an enzyme-based product sold as a powder that dissolves into the sludge, increasing its biodegradation rate.


Organico say that the product helps in preventing the contamination of soils surrounding pit latrines and septic tanks by ensuring that only purified water seeps through. This ultimately helps keep water in wells and boreholes dug close to the latrines safe for domestic use.

It also damages the breeding areas for flies, hence keeping areas surrounding the latrines and septic tanks free of the insects.

“Super septic is made of a consortium of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria selected for their ability to degrade organic waste. Bacteria produce hundreds of enzymes in response to organic matter presents in the environment.

The enzymes then  break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, grease and other solids into smaller particles,” said a brief from the manufacturers.

Super Septic suggests using it weekly for the first month by emptying the contents of one sachet into a bucket of water, mixing and pouring into the latrine or septic tank as an appropriate level of the helpful bacteria is established. After that, one use per month is said to be sufficient.

The product is sold in a package containing 24 sachets, for KSh2400 or KSh250 per sachet and is available at the Star Mall, along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi.

Strict use

However, the product cannot be used in pits containing soap or other detergents, because these products damage the active enzymes that help in the biodegradation of sludge.

It is, therefore, ideal for use in septic tanks carrying animal waste, and in pit latrines that do not receive bathing water.

Al Dawood Distributors, who handle the marketing of the product in Kenya can also be reached through phone number 0780884488.

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