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Turbo ups tractor efficiency by 30 per cent

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Kisumu Agricultural Society of Kenya Chairperson Caleb Oluga tries the TT4 Tractor as CMC Motors CEO Mark Johnson joins in. The tractor has turbo feature that increases power by over 30 per cent. Photo by courtesy.

Transport and machinery solutions company, CMC Motors Group, has introduced a new tractor with improved performance of more than 30 per cent.

The New Holland tractor has a turbo charger feature that gives engines more power by allowing in more air into the combustion chamber. More air into this chamber increases the combustion of fuel for powering the machine.

 Turbo is more common with small cars, where it can increase the power of the engine by up to 35 per cent.

The New Holland TT4 tractor has the power to pull and plough more easily than the other machine in the market because of this feature.

The new tractor has straight rear axle built to withstand 5-ton compression weight, an NEF turbo engine, constant mesh gearbox with an option of synchromesh and rotary pump with bosh upgraded injector pump.

Speaking during the launch in Kisumu, CMC Motors Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mark Johnson said the rising professionalism in farming by the youthful generation has forced them to innovate to meet the need of the ‘modern’ machinery consumer.

“CMC Motors has noted a close to 30 per cent growth on tractor orders placed by farmers, building and construction contractors as well as the public sector particularly county governments. The New Holland TT4 economy utility tractor range redefines the market with its versatility as an all-round workhorse in the farm and beyond,” Johnson said.

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With the Food and Agriculture Organisation pointing out that machinery can boost production by 40 per cent, companies are innovating implements to capture the growing demand.

While others are moving to capture small-holders with walking tractors, the big machines are being improved to cater for those looking for efficiency in large-scale farming.

A more powerful tractor pulls heavy loads and turns clods with ease while harrowing. Penetration into the pans is also eased.

Locally, New Holland customers will have a choice of four models in the TT4 series including the 80 HP 2WD, 80 HP 4WD, 90 HP 2WD and 90HP 4WD tractors.

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