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$300 Million Investment Project Launched to Enhance Food Security in the Horn of Africa

Naivasha, Kenya, 15 June 2023 — In a significant stride towards building resilience for food and nutritional security, a $300 million (Sh42 billion) investment project has been initiated in Kenya and five other countries in the Horn of Africa.

African Development Bank and AAAP Team Up to Drive Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Adaptation

Financed by the African Development Bank and supported by the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP), the project aims to achieve several outcomes, including enabling 1.3 million farmers and pastoralists to utilize climate services such as index insurance.

Empowering Farmers: Digital Advisory Services and Climate Resilience at the Core of the Project

Additionally, the project seeks to directly benefit 750,000 farmers and pastoralists by providing them with digital climate advisory services to enhance productivity and income. The project targets a 30 per cent increase in crop and livestock productivity, a 30 per cent rise in annual income per capita, and the creation of 55,000 new jobs for youth and women.

Enhancing Living Conditions: Project Aims to Improve Food Security, Resilience, and Peace

The principal objectives of this endeavor are to improve living conditions, particularly for women and youth, bolster food and nutrition security, enhance resilience, and promote peace and security in the region. The first phase of implementation will focus on Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

Tackling Climate Challenges: Horn of Africa Strives to Overcome Food Insecurity

The Horn of Africa region faces challenges such as rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns, and increased floods, resulting in adverse socio-economic consequences. These include reduced crop yields, climate-related disasters, heat waves, ecosystem degradation, migration, insecurity, and climate-sensitive diseases.

Collaboration for Change: Global Center on Adaptation Assesses Risks and Develops Solutions

To assess climatic risks to the food system in the region, the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) conducted comprehensive studies. Moreover, national multi-stakeholder workshops were organized to identify key digital agricultural advisory services in Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as determine the optimal integration of agricultural insurance into these solutions.

Driving Implementation: GCA Continues Support with Feasibility Studies and Technical Expertise

During the implementation phase, the GCA will continue to support the project by conducting feasibility studies, providing technical design expertise, and overseeing the implementation of national e-extension and digital agricultural advisory services in Kenya, Djibouti, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

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