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Agriculture social coding event seeks digitised solutions in indigenous vegetable value chain

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By George Munene
Agritech company AgUnity, US university Virginia Tech, and Kenya’s Egerton University will host the AgChain Hackathon from November 15-17,where students from Egerton University will offer digitised solutions to real challenges within the African indigenous vegetable value chain to foster technological innovation among youth in the agriculture sector. 
The project will provide support and mentoring to students to develop programs that can be deployed on AgUnity’s SuperApp platform. 
The students will compete for the opportunity to have their developed applets (small, portable program) integrated into the AgUnity suite. This will offer them cash prizes, as well as mentorship opportunities. 
AgUnity is a technology provider that creates digitisation solutions that integrate remote farming communities into global supply chains. This incorporates low cost, blockchain based technology solutions to build efficient digital supply chains, from farmer to consumer.
Interested observers of the event can check out the livestream here between 8:30am and 5pm EAT. The pitching competition will be held and winners announced on November 17, from 1pm to 5pm EAT.
AgUnity, Virginia Tech, Egerton University, and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) will host an interactive workshop with members of the agriculture sector in Kenya, entitled Demonstrating the Value-Add of Blockchain in the Kenyan Agricultural Sector. This workshop will allow participants to explore ways to use the AgUnity smartphone application to address pain points within the Kenya agriculture sector.

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