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Bidco introduces poultry feeds that reduce maturity period in kienyeji chicken, increasing yields

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Bidco Land O’Lakes, a joint venture business between Bidco Africa and US company Land O’Lakes has introduced into the Kenyan market four-phase feed specifically for indigenous chicken. This come at a time most farmers practicing traditional free range system reportedly rely on food leftovers to beat the rising production costs.

In a recent study by a team of researchers on Impact of Poultry Feed Price and Price Variability on Commercial Poultry Production in Murang’a County and published by IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance, about 40 per cent of Indigenous chicken farmers compound their own feeds but lack of in-depth knowledge on best ingredients and stages to introduce them to chicken still affecting the farmers’ yields.

Bidco poultry feeds which include Kienyeji Chick Mash, Kienyeji Growers Mash, Kienyeji Finisher Mash, and Kienyeji Layers Mash, are each aimed at different stages of indigenous chicken development and they are expected to substantially reduce the maturity period for kienyeji chicken as well as increase production.

According to Dr. Antony Kiragu, Bidco Africa’s poultry manager, the feeds are made of natural local ingredients in order to make the indigenous chicken maintain its taste, egg or meat colour and texture.

“The Bidco Kienyeji Feed is here to ensure that the farmer is purchasing the right feed that is aimed at a specific life stage of a bird for all his indigenous breeds,” said Kiragu.

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The feeds which are already stocked by 30 per cent of the agrovets in Kenya are expected to specifically cater for indigenous chicken, which makes up for a big proportion of chicken consumed locally.

“The most recent poultry census in Kenya placed the number of chicken at 45 million. Out of this 34 million or 75 percent are indigenous chicken,” said Kiragu.

“However, so much emphasis, interest and value has been placed on the exotic breeds with little attention to the indigenous breeds.”

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This feed targets chicks that are from day old to 8 weeks of age. It is a complete chick feed that is high in protein and vital nutrients to ensure that your kienyeji chicks have a quickjump start to life, build strong immunity and good body development.


This one is ideal for birds within the age of 8 to 20 weeks. Optimum nutrition geared towards the needs of a developing and growing bird. The growth ensures that the bird reaches maturity earlier- reproductive maturity for the laying birds to start laying eggs early as well as growth in size for the jogoos that are headed to the market for meat.


This is a complete meal for laying birds at the age of 20 weeks and above. The feed is nutrient-rich in protein, calcium and other minerals that are important for a top laying kienyeji bird.


This feed contains natural ingredients required for the quick optimum growth rate for kienyeji birds reared for quality and tasty meat. Kienyeji Finisher diet ensures that the birds reach the desired market weight and size faster while staying lean.

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Bidco Africa partnered with Land O’Lakes Inc in 2016, seeking to tap into the company’s expertise in feed technology and formulation, quality and comprehensive approach to animal health.

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