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Eldoret business lady urgently recruiting farmers to plant and supply capsicums, long cayenne chili, courgettes and corn flowers

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An Eldoret based business lady is looking for all-comer farmers to plant and supply red and yellow capsicums, long cayenne chili, courgettes and cornflowers.

“There is a high demand for these products in local markets within Eldoret, Bungoma, Kitale and the entire North Rift region,” said Rahab Wanjiru, an Eldoret based business lady.

Wanjiru, a wholesale supplier, is looking for supply of at least 200kg of capsicums and 70kg of long cayenne pepper per day. On the other hand she requires 50kg of courgettes per week during the rainy season; however, in the dry season from November to April she needs up to 1,000kg due to low supply.

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A farmer harvesting capsicums in the past. File

“The prices for the different products vary from time to time depending on the seasons, the cost to be paid to farmers is therefore dictated by market prices,” said Wanjiru.

“Capsicums for instance cost between Sh30 to Sh50 per kilo, long cayenne chili retail at an average of Sh60 while courgettes sells at an average of Sh30,”

In this, Wanjiru said she will negotiate the prices with the suppliers based on market prices and the level of demand.

“I will share transport costs with farmers who will supply me with these produce regardless of where they are coming from,” she said.

“I started this business five years ago and it has really helped me, in 2018 for example, I bought a plot in Munyaka at Sh1.3m, besides I have been able to pay school fees for my two children who are in primary school without stress,”

According to the 2019 Economic Survey Report, earnings from exports of horticulture produce increased by 33.3 per cent from Sh115.3bn in 2017 to Sh153.7bn in 2018. In this, the volume of horticulture exports increased by 6.1 per cent to 322,600 tonnes in 2018.

Rahab Wanjiru can be reached on 0703 225 834.

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