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Entrepreneurship program seeking innovations in sustainable agriculture

The Kenya Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program is seeking innovations in sustainable agriculture dedicated to tackling challenges in precision agriculture, supply chain, and waste management.

Supported by Joule, Eni School of Entrepreneurship, and E4Impact, the program is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of agribusiness innovators passionate about leveraging technology and modern practices to revolutionize the agricultural landscape.

The program will offer applicants: 
  1. Bespoke Training program
  2. Networking opportunities (locally and internationally). 
  3. Opportunity to Collaborate with ENI 
  4. Access to professional services (Marketing/ legal/ accounting)
  5. Access to seed grant funding
  6. Coaching and mentorship
Application Criteria

Eligible candidates must:

  1. Have a minimum viable product (MVP) and demonstrate a level of traction for Incubator (Track 1)
  2. Be legally registered and be post-revenue  for the Accelerator (Track 2)
  3. Have a market-based solution aimed at addressing sustainable agriculture challenges
  4. Preferably with operations in Nairobi, Makueni, or Mombasa and its environs
  5. Offer solutions in either of the following:

1. Precision Agriculture

  • Geo-location: mapping and satellites: using or manufacturing mapping technology
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): producing, distributing, or operating UAVs and drones used in agriculture
  • Big Data adopted for plant analytics, risk alerts, and predictions;
  • Irrigation: provision of equipment or services
  • Technology (Blockchain-related software, AI-powered solutions, IoT-driven solutions)

2. Supply Chain

  • Production (Farmer training, farm management, co-operatives)
  • Inputs (fertiliser, seedlings, seeds, pesticides, mechanisation: tractors, ploughs, planters, harvesters etc)
  • Access to markets: aggregation, e-commerce for livestock/produce)
  • Access to Finance

3. Waste Management.

  • Recycling – convert agricultural waste to new products
  • Upcycling – repurpose waste into new products
  • Utilize bio-waste to generate energy

Application Deadline – 17th March 2024

To Apply: e4impactkenya

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