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Onion prices to decrease with increased local supplies & Ethiopia imports

According to the Central Bank of Kenya’s September 2023 Agriculture Sector Survey, most players in the agricultural sector expect onion prices to moderate or fall gradually with increased local supplies and cheaper imports from Ethiopia.

The price of vegetable items is also expected to reduce in October supported by an increase in the supply of fast-maturing crops from the long rains season and the start of the short rains season. 

sugar prices could also be moderated by the expected reopening of sugar factories in October which may coincide with sugarcane harvests.

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A continued decline is expected in the price of maize grain, already down 27 per cent in September, and maize products in October 2023. This is due to the ongoing harvest in most parts of the country.

However, the survey which drew respondents from select wholesale and retail markets, and farms in major towns predicts the price of processed and unprocessed milk could creep up as farmers supplement the green pasture with processed feeds as they await short rains.

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The prices of beans, rice, and green grams are similarly expected to remain constant or to adjust slowly due to both domestic and external factors including; reduced production, high input costs, and high cost of imports.

Expectations about cooking oil/fat and sugar prices remain elevated owing to the high energy costs, import costs, and reduced cane deliveries.

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