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Where to find mushroom buyers in Kenya as demand soars

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Mushroom farmers in Kenya are set to benefit the increasing number of the fungus buyers in the country thanks to spirited awareness of the crop’s nutrition benefits that is sparking the demand among the health-conscious consumers.

According to the latest report, the Kenyan mushroom market is set to grow in value from $35.08bn this year to $59.48bn in 2021 due to advancements in packaging technologies to increase shelf life of mushrooms apart from consumer knowledge.

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Some of the mushroom buyers in Kenya include:

1. Mush-tech mushrooms                                                                                9.Mushrooms Kenya

Contact : 0716 867422                                                                                     Contact : 0705 210033

2. Mushroom Blue Kenya                                                                                10.Icara Farms

Contact :  +254 774 187905                                                                           Contact : +254 722 285 017

3. Grand African mushrooms                                                                          11. Jolin Farm

Contact : 0712 244692                                                                                     Contact : 0705 880312

4. Syenta Mushroom Enterprise                                                                    12. Richmum International Ltd

Contact : 0710 451454                                                                                     Contact : +254 739 262 001

5. Mushrooms by Anne Kimathi                                                                     13. High Garden Mushrooms

Contact : 0721 443198                                                                                     Contact : 0717 225431

6. WEGA Mushrooms                                                                                    14. DimJim Mushrooms

Contact :  0789 513420                                                                                    Contact : 0736 232478

7. Mama’s Mushrooms                                                                                  15. Mushroom Guru Kenya

Contact : 0719 221707                                                                                     Contact : 0731 079150

8. ELIMA Mushroom

Contact : 0725 498252                    

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Generally, mushrooms mature in two months. A farmer can sell one kilogram at Sh600 to consumers and this translates to Sh1.2m income. In Kenya, mushrooms can be purchased in the major supermarkets’ outlets at a price between Sh400-600 a kilo. However, the price from individual sellers is better at Sh500 a kilo.    

The highest demand for mushrooms which are majorly grown in Eldoret, Kisii and Kericho towns is in Nairobi. However, there have been upcoming agro-entrepreneurs in the outskirts of Nairobi such as Karen, Udhiru, Kiambu, Thika and Machakos who have ventured into the agribusiness to earn a good income as they do not incur much transport costs.

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The most popular mushroom species grown in Kenya are button (Agaricus spp.) and oyster (Pleurotus spp.).

According to the National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS), Kenya produces 500 tonnes of mushrooms per year against a demand of 1200 tonnes both in hotels and home consumption.

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